Friday, February 14, 2014

Connect to the Olympics Online

It’s time for the Olympics! How will you stay connected?  The following blog post was created with Olympic Resources for students and teachers.  They are in 3 categories. The first are links to the current Sochi Winter Olympics, the first 2 sites are geared for younger kids to be able to read.  The second is a history of the Olympics (great for those studying timelines) and the last are some teacher resources. 

Here’s how some Gattis Teachers are using them: Second Grade teacher Ms. Zahm is using the Time for Kids link for morning work with her class which has lots of current event snapshots about the Olympics.  Third Grade teacher Mrs. Tilger is using the Enchanted Learning which has facts of the current Olympics, history of the Olympics and loads of Olympic facts. It even has a list of where EVERY Olympic has been held since 1896.  Mrs. Dawson’s 3rd grade class explored a few of the sites listed, they especially liked Time for Kids for the articles and some of the printables available.  Which site do you like best?  Do you have a new one to share? 

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