Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have you been persuaded? Mrs. Hubele’s third graders typed up letters to persuade one way or another on their topic. The students used and learned about Microsoft Word features and used correct letter format. This was a great lesson covering the TEKS 3.21 Persuasive text. The classs had several mini lessons beforehand over how and where to save their documents, how to change fonts, indenting, capitalizing letters, etc. If you were Mrs. Hubele, would you give in?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kinder Students Log on!

Do you remember your days in Kindergarten? Were you learning your letters? How about your numbers? Did you learn how to find them on a QWERTY Keyboard? Here at Gattis, most of the Kindergarten students spent some time with Miss Hintz, the Instructional Technology Specialist and their classroom teachers and practiced logging on and off. This was a challenging task met with great successes! Each student has an individual username and password. Usernames have both numbers and letter in them, and their secret passwords are so secret, it just looks like dots when you type it (that’s hard to find mistakes on!). Big Cheers for Kinder students and teachers who were so patient, even when the technology was challenging us!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friendly Letters for Grade 3

Mrs. Tilger and Mrs. Dawson’s third graders reinforced their friendly letter writing skills in MS Word. They have been working on the friendly letter format in writing. Formatting, clipart and revising are all a part of the lesson to help make their letters fantastic! Of course it never hurts to let the teacher know how great she is!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2nd Grade explores BBC Schools Science

Mrs. Duckworth's class has been using the computer lab in correlation with their Science unit on matter and energy. They found a really great intereactive website that the students have really enjoyed exploring! Check out the site and try to grow your own virtual plant, or test your knowledge on matter and energy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gattis Teachers Teach Dell Executives

On November 3rd, Dell Account Executives reached out to our Gattis Educations for a lesson in teaching. Ms. Dawson, Ms Hubele, Ms. Baker, Ms. McCollum, Mr. Brillhart and Ms. Buckles were selected to represent out school as outstanding educators. The comments from the Execs were very flattering and they were impressed with each of the teachers teaching.  Some of them were trying to figure out the math problems, one said they were scared of their own children bringing home the math to work on with them in coming years. One of the Executives has students in a non-Promethean school in the district was asking when those teachers would get the technology we have available here at Gattis. A big thank you and shout out to our Fantastic Gattis Team!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Welcome to the Gattis Technology Blog. Here you great uses of Technology in classrooms right here in Round Rock at Gattis Elementary School.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gattis top Ranking on Artsonia

Gattis ES art program finishes school year as
top art program in the country

May 27, 2010 – Gattis Elementary’s art program was named number one in Texas and number two in the country by

The rankings were based on the number of submissions made to Artsonia’s online gallery, the number of fan members the art pieces received, the number of comments made on each art piece and the number of gift items purchased from the Gattis collection.

Nearly 300,000 project galleries from schools around the world were featured on Artsonia’s website with approximately 10,800 art pieces submitted by Gattis. The art submissions from Gattis come from the student’s art portfolios which include their finished creations from throughout the year.

Highlights of the gallery include dancing giraffes, Ms. Staten’s Shoeseum and the Grouchy Ladybug. Gattis’ art program is under the direction of Donna Staten and Cynthia Hendry. To make become a fan of the Gattis art gallery or to view the school’s collection visit