Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gattis top Ranking on Artsonia

Gattis ES art program finishes school year as
top art program in the country

May 27, 2010 – Gattis Elementary’s art program was named number one in Texas and number two in the country by

The rankings were based on the number of submissions made to Artsonia’s online gallery, the number of fan members the art pieces received, the number of comments made on each art piece and the number of gift items purchased from the Gattis collection.

Nearly 300,000 project galleries from schools around the world were featured on Artsonia’s website with approximately 10,800 art pieces submitted by Gattis. The art submissions from Gattis come from the student’s art portfolios which include their finished creations from throughout the year.

Highlights of the gallery include dancing giraffes, Ms. Staten’s Shoeseum and the Grouchy Ladybug. Gattis’ art program is under the direction of Donna Staten and Cynthia Hendry. To make become a fan of the Gattis art gallery or to view the school’s collection visit