Thursday, August 28, 2014

Next Generation Classroom at Gattis

Mr. Brillhart and his TAG students were chosen to be part of a district-wide Next Generation Classroom Pilot. This means that while in his classroom, students will have access to a digital device on a one-to-one ratio.

More Information as is stated on the NGDC website:

The next generation classroom will set standards for what the digital classroom can look like in the future and will redefine the way teaching and learning take place. We will investigate the educational impact of a variety of digital classroom designs, across a multitude of diverse environments, in order to determine the best investments to be made for maximum effect.

Through this pilot we intend to...

• Impact and improve instruction and student learning
• Foster the 4 C’s of Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity
• Make informed decisions about technology purchases and integration
• Guide professional development and teacher support
• Share ideas and best practices 

We have endearingly given the nickname of “Trailblazers” to the Educators participating in the pilot program as they embark on this exciting approach to teaching and learning along with their students. For more information explore